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C.A.R Purchase and Sale Dispute Resolution

At Schorr Law our real estate attorneys frequently litigate disputes that arise out of the use of the California Association of Realtor (“CAR”) forms for residential and income producing property.  In general, we find the forms are clear and well written. Most CAR forms follow the same dispute resolution process.  The steps are set forth in the diagram above and in word form below. This diagram can be used for Breach of Lease Term, Specific Performance, Non – Disclosures, and Escrow Deposit Disputes as well. First, the party making a demand must make a demand for mediation in order to preserve their right to recover their attorneys’ fees as provided to the winner in a dispute arising out of the CAR forms.  Should the party

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3 Common Deeds For Real Property

The purchase of real property generally comes with some type of warranty deed. Warranty deeds provide a certain extent of protection against defects in title.  Three of the most common types of deeds are: General Warranty Deeds and Grant Deeds; Limited Warranty Deeds; and Non-Warranty Deeds. General Warranty Deeds (Grant Deeds) In a General Warranty Deed, the seller usually gives four warranties regarding the land to the buyer.  Specifically, the seller warrants to the buyer that: The seller has the right to convey the real estate; The seller will defend the title to the real estate against the claims of all persons; The seller has proper “seisin.”  Seisin basically means that the seller warrants that the seller owns all of the rights in the real estate; and

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House Torn Down by Accident in Texas

There was an interesting article in the news lasted week about a woman in Texas whose house was torn down by mistake when a demolition crew accidentally tore down her house.  The article appeared throughout the media last week – the apparent cause was a Google Maps mistake that lead the workers to the wrong house.  This is an almost unbelievable story, but it brings up a number of important issues. Our Los Angeles based real estate attorneys have answered several related questions, below, to shed more light on this incident: How could this happen?  This is really the developer’s or contractor’s mistake.  They should have verified the address outside of looking at a google map.  From a legal perspective, contractors, builders and homeowners are

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Schorr Law Welcomes New Attorney Brandon Brousseau

In the middle of January, Schorr Law welcomed its newest real estate litigation attorney – Brandon Brousseau, Esq..  Mr. Brousseau is an experienced litigator specializing in real estate law. Mr. Brousseau was admitted to the California State Bar in 2007 and brings nearly a decade of litigation experience to Schorr Law’s team.   He will be assisting Schorr Law’s existing and new clients alongside Mr. Schorr with all of their real estate needs. He can be reached at 310-954-1877 or by email at Zach SchorrMore Posts – Website Follow Me:

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Why Our Lawyers Like To Draw

At Schorr Law our Los Angeles Real Estate attorneys really do have a different approach to the practice of law.  Beyond being very knowledgeable in all types of real estate matters because we have a highly concentrated practice area (real estate), we also like to draw.  You may wonder how does drawing matter?  It matters because we are constantly analyzing the strategy in our cases based on the applicable law, the procedural posture and the facts of the case. One of the best ways we re-analyze a case is to diagram it out through case schematics.  We typically invite our clients in to a drawing strategy sessions where we draw out our strategy.  After all, one of the best things we can do for our clients

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