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Lead Attorney Zachary Schorr Settles Ownership Dispute

We are pleased to report that lead trial counsel attorney Zachary D. Schorr successfully resolved another ownership dispute this week.  For the third time recently, our litigation team at Schorr Law was able to resolve a co-ownership dispute where Schorr Law’s client achieved more than its proportionate share of the property.  Our attorneys are constantly looking for unique approaches and unique legal theories that can allow our clients to maximize their interest in real property.   We mediate frequently – sometimes as often as once a week.  In fact in the last 2 months alone, Schorr Law mediated at least 5 different matters.  The frequency with which me mediate allows us to adopt to the situation at hand and adopt the best strategy to maximize our

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Fiduciary Duties Business Partners Have to Each Other

Business partners have duties to other partners within the partnership. This may seem obvious, but the scope of these duties has been developed over many years in California.   In general, the fiduciary duties that one partner owes to another partner are best described as the duty of loyalty and care. Duty of Loyalty A partners duty of loyalty involves many things.   It includes, but is not limited to the following duties: The duty to account to the partnership The duty to act as a trustee for any partnership property, profit or other benefit of the partnership The duty to refrain from maintaining an interest adverse to the partnership The duty to not compete with the partnership Duty of Care A partner’s duty of care is different

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When Can a Business Partner Sue Their Business Partner

Ordinarily, partners cannot sue each other for damages based on partnership business, at least not until there has been an action for dissolution and accounting.  Malott v. Seymour (1950) 101.Cal.App.2d 245, 246.  The general rule is particularly applicable to claims for damages arising out of a manner in which a partner has conducted partnership and to breaches of partnership agreements.  The Court of Appeals, however, has ruled that the reason for applying this general rule are less forceful where the wrongful acts complained of are a breach of contract and a tort (a civil wrong).  Indeed, one clear exception to the rule is an action for damages for a tort “of such a nature that it not only terminates the partnership but wrongfully destroys it, and

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Real Estate Ownership Disputes Require Knowledge of Available Remedies

As real estate prices continue to rise the number of ownership disputes our Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers see continue to rise.  Real estate ownership disputes take a variety of forms depending on the nature of the dispute.  Below, is a quick overview of the most common types of real estate dispute we see in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and in San Diego. 1.  Partition:  Partition is both a cause of action and a remedy.   A partition dispute arises when a co-owner of land – either a joint tenant or a tenant in common – does not agree with the other co-owner(s) of land regarding what should be done with the property.  This can be any type of dispute where there is a

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