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Schorr Law Successfully Defends Construction Dispute Trial With No Money Awarded to Plaintiff

Schorr Law, APC (“Schorr Law”) recently won a victory for local contractor, Richard Velasco dba Wizard Construction (“Velasco”).  When Velasco was wrongfully sued for breach of contract by a home owner alleging that Velasco refused to complete the job, Velasco turned to Zachary D. Schorr of Schorr Law for assistance.  Schorr Law was able to demonstrate to the Court that the home owner denied Velasco access to the work site, thereby not only excusing Velasco’s performance, but also constituting a breach of the contract by the home owner.   The home owner recovered nothing by way of the complaint.   Zach SchorrMore Posts – Website Follow Me:

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Schorr Law Wins Multi-Million Dollar Trial Involving Adverse Possession

After a three week bench trial, Schorr Law’s Zachary D. Schorr, successfully obtained an adverse possession ruling in a multi-million dollar case involving a property located in Hancock Park.  After a lengthy trial, the court issued issued its proposed statement of decision wherein it declared that Schorr Law’s client had successfully obtained a 100% interest in previously co-owned property through adverse possession of a tenant in common’s 50% interest.  Obtaining adverse possession is a difficult proposition in any case but even more so a co-tenancy situation.  In this case, Mr. Schorr was successful in proving that his client  had successfully acquired her co-owners 50% interest in the property through adverse possession and after an ouster had occurred. This case was unusual in that the opposing

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Rising Real Estate Prices = More Partitions in Los Angeles

In the last six months there is no doubt that real estate prices have steadily risen throughout Southern California and Los Angeles.  As a result, we are seeing more ownership disputes.  The most common disputes are partition disputes.  Partition is the court aided process whereby a co-tenant forces the sale of real property when the other co-tenant does not want to sell.  There are very few defenses to a partition dispute, but each case is different.  For example, our attorneys recently successfully defended a partition lawsuit brought by a co-tenant tenant in common by proving that the co-tenant had adversely possessed the property. With any partition dispute it is important to remember that the parties are generally (absent available defenses) advised to agree on a

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Partition by Appraisal

Our Los Angeles based partition attorneys have extensive experience dealing with partition disputes in Los Angeles and throughout California.  One method of resolving partition disputes (disputes involving disagreements over whether to sell real property) is through partition by appraisal. Partition by appraisal in California is a partition that is accomplished through one party purchasing the other party’s interest in real property on certain agreed terms, under court supervision and based on a third party appraisal.   There is a common misconception among attorneys and the court that a partition by appraisal can be forced – it cannot.  Partition by appraisal per Code of Civil Procedure section 873.910 requires an agreement among the parties. The way a partition by appraisal typically occurs is the parties agree

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The Use of Litigation Guarantees in Real Property Matters

As Los Angeles based real estate lawyers we frequently represent our clients in title disputes or disputes involving ownership in real property.  These disputes range from quiet title actions, partition actions and even actions to force the sale of real property to recover on a lien.  In these types of disputes obtaining a litigation guarantee can be a good idea. A litigation guarantee is essentially an insurance policy that is issued in favor of the attorney and the client in an action affecting land.  A decree in these types of action, like foreclosure of a lien, is only binding on the parties named as defendants which should be the same parties claiming an interest in the land.  Therefore, it is important for the plaintiff to

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Real Estate Prices Rise Along With Real Estate Litigation

The Los Angeles Times had an interesting article on the rising real estate prices across Southern California. It showed Los Angeles prices up about 16%. In our years of practice of real estate litigation, while we certainly never see a slow down on real estate disputes we are seeing return of the equity fight. The equity fight is the fight amongst co-owners of real estate over equity in the property. These fights (legal battles) were quite common during the real estate bubble. The claims typically range from partition, ouster, quiet title and even constructive trust theories. The real estate attorneys at Schorr Law have years of experience in all of these disputes and offer a very aggressive yet cost effective approach to litigation and arbitration.

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