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Zachary Schorr Chosen as Winner of the 2017 Corporate Intl Global Award

We are pleased to announce that Corporate INTL has notified Schorr Law that our Lead Attorney Zachary Schorr has been chosen as the winner of the 2017 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award: ‘Real Estate Litigation Lawyer of the Year in California’. This is the second year in a row that Mr. Schorr has received this honor.  The Corporate INTL awards are given to attorneys who have been successful for the past year and have shown excellence in both expertise and service. Mr. Schorr is happy to receive this award, and is honored to be recognized as such. Thank you Corporate Intl! Our top rated and awarded attorneys can help you with various real estate matters, including but not limited to: purchase and sale disputes (non-disclosure, escrow deposit disputes, contracts, specific

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Schorr Law Wins at Trial This Week!

  This week Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney – Zachary Schorr – obtained a big win for its client in a real estate bench trial in Burbank.  Mr. Schorr obtained a judgment in favor of Schorr Law’s client ending a long standing commercial leasing dispute. Schorr Law specializes in real estate litigation matters.  By focusing on a single area of practice for over a decade now we have developed an extraordinary level of knowledge of real estate law and procedure that allows us to obtain the best results possible for our clients.   During this trial, Mr. Schorr’s intricate knowledge of the Code of Civil Procedure as it applies to commercial leasing disputes allowed Schorr Law to deliver a victory for its client. For

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Zachary Schorr Wins “Real Estate Litigation Attorney of the Year in California”

Schorr Law is pleased to announce that CorporateINTL has selected Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney – Zachary Schorr as the Real Estate Litigation Attorney of the Year in California.   This is quite an honor for Mr. Schorr and he continues to aggressively litigate real estate matters throughout California.   As background,  Corporate International publishes magazines and practice area guides around the world for business leaders and professionals, investors, and in-house counsel. Their publications are read  in over 150 countries. Corporate International awards business professionals who have shown exceptional service and expertise in their fields in the past year. They use a skilled independent research team to select 5 nominees in each category and then have an independent awards panel in each country pick

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Schorr Law Successfully Defeats $2.775 Million Specific Performance Claim

Schorr Law is pleased to announce that it successfully defeated a buyer’s $2.775 million specific performance claim arising out of a purchase and sale dispute concerning a 9 unit apartment building in Redondo Beach.  Our real estate attorneys were able to deliver this win via a motion for summary judgment.  The ruling is just another in a series of recent wins for our clients. For more information on your specific performance claim, contact lead Los Angeles based real estate attorney Zachary Schorr via the contact us box, by email at or at 310-954-1877. Zach SchorrMore Posts – Website Follow Me:

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Attorney Zachary Schorr Successfully Obtains Partition of 2 Properties

We are pleased to announce that Schorr Law won another partition lawsuit this week.  On Tuesday, Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney Zachary D. Schorr, successfully argued a motion for summary judgment resulting in another win for a Schorr Law’s client and the partition of two high value properties. In this dispute over shared ownership, Schorr Law was successfully able to obtain summary judgment of two properties worth over $2million.  Defendants in this matter had tried to argue that the plaintiff had waived the right to partition using an implied waiver argument.  While there is legal authority for an implied waiver of the right to partition in certain limited circumstances, Schorr Law’s team of litigators successfully convinced the judge that there was no implied waiver of

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Confirming and Enforcing An Arbitration Award

Recently, Schorr Law obtained an arbitration award in favor of its clients in connection with a residential real estate dispute. Today’s blog post is about what a prevailing party should do following issuance of an arbitration award so that the arbitration award can be enforced like a judgment. Unlike a judgment obtained during court proceedings, an arbitrator’s award is not directly enforceable.  Until confirmed or vacated by court proceedings, an arbitration award has no more force or effect than a contract in writing between the parties to the arbitration.  (Code Civ. Proc. § 1287.6; Loeb v. Record (2008) 162 Cal.App.4th 431, 449.)  When the parties voluntarily comply with an award, there usually is no need for further judicial proceedings.  However, if the losing party refuses to comply with

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Schorr Law Obtains Quiet Title and $100,000+ Judgment Against National Bank

This past fall Schorr Law was successful in obtaining a quiet title to a property in Ventura County.  Schorr Law sued on behalf of its client to remove a lien on a Ventura County property that its client contended was invalid.  Our real estate attorneys were successful removing the lien and also obtaining a judgment against the bank for over $100,000 based on its maintenance of an invalid lien. Quieting title to real property is a common remedy our real estate attorneys use to remove liens from real property that are invalid.  These liens must be removed because whether or not the liens are valid in the eyes of the law is not always the most important factor.  Instead, making sure that liens do not show up

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Schorr Law Successfully Defends Construction Dispute Trial With No Money Awarded to Plaintiff

Schorr Law, APC (“Schorr Law”) recently won a victory for local contractor, Richard Velasco dba Wizard Construction (“Velasco”).  When Velasco was wrongfully sued for breach of contract by a home owner alleging that Velasco refused to complete the job, Velasco turned to Zachary D. Schorr of Schorr Law for assistance.  Schorr Law was able to demonstrate to the Court that the home owner denied Velasco access to the work site, thereby not only excusing Velasco’s performance, but also constituting a breach of the contract by the home owner.   The home owner recovered nothing by way of the complaint.   Zach SchorrMore Posts – Website Follow Me:

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Schorr Law Wins Multi-Million Dollar Trial Involving Adverse Possession

After a three week bench trial, Schorr Law’s Zachary D. Schorr, successfully obtained an adverse possession ruling in a multi-million dollar case involving a property located in Hancock Park.  After a lengthy trial, the court issued issued its proposed statement of decision wherein it declared that Schorr Law’s client had successfully obtained a 100% interest in previously co-owned property through adverse possession of a tenant in common’s 50% interest.  Obtaining adverse possession is a difficult proposition in any case but even more so a co-tenancy situation.  In this case, Mr. Schorr was successful in proving that his client  had successfully acquired her co-owners 50% interest in the property through adverse possession and after an ouster had occurred. This case was unusual in that the opposing

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Zachary D. Schorr’s Expert Appearance on the Dr. Phil Show

Zachary D. Schorr’s Expert Appearance on ABC’s Nightline

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