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Zachary Schorr Named one of the 5 Best Real Estate Lawyers in Los Angeles

Last week, we discovered an article on where our Lead Attorney, Zachary Schorr, was named as one of The Best 5 Real Estate Lawyers in Los Angeles. Mr. Schorr always strives to keep his clients happy and satisfied, whether it is at the beginning, middle, and end of a dispute/ matter. Being that he focuses primarily, and almost 100% on real estate matters, he knows what he is talking about, and has helped clients on a variety of real estate matters. You can read the article here. If you want to schedule a consult with one of the best real estate attorneys in Los Angeles, please do not hesitate to contact Schorr Law. You can contact us through 4 different ways: Sending us a message through

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Zachary Schorr Quoted on!

Earlier last week, quoted our Lead Trial Attorney Zachary Schorr when he provided  legal commentary on Deed Restrictions. The article, titled Building, Buying, or Beefing Up a Home? Watch Out for Annoying Deed Restrictions, talked about watching out for “annoying” restrictions on real property.   In particular, the article discusses finding out about deed restrictions, who typically enforces deed restrictions, how to change a deed restriction, and lastly what to do if you can’t change that restriction. At Schorr Law, we have seen all sorts of deed restrictions.  They are most typically found in planned communities. To read the full article, you can visit Other similar articles can be seen here: Yahoo News Realtor Mag Realty Biz News   Zach SchorrMore Posts – Website Follow Me:

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Schorr Law Ranked No. 27 on 2016 Law Firm 500 List

Los Angeles, California, October 13, 2016 – This past Monday, October 10th, the Law Firm 500 Award Team published and announced its 1st Annual Law Firm 500 Award Honorees List of America’s Fastest Growing Law Firms. We are very pleased to announce that Schorr Law was named as one of the recipients for the 2016 Law Firm 500 Honorees Award. The list recognizes law firms all over The U.S. that have achieved significant growth, have a strategic vision, and also have an unwavering commitment to succeed. Schorr Law was first informed of its nomination and was later given the news that it would be recognized for the firm’s “growth, operational excellence, and commitment to client service”. Schorr Law made the Top 30 at No. 27

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Zachary Schorr on ABC’s World News Tonight

Last Sunday, August 14, 2016, Schorr Law’s lead attorney Zachary Schorr made a special appearance on ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.  The national news segment went live at 5:30pm pst.  Mr. Schorr provided real estate legal commentary regarding a property vandalized by alleged squatters who claimed a right to occupancy when the homeowners returned home from vacation.    Mr. Schorr frequently provides legal commentary to national news organizations and is frequently quoted and appears in the media for his Real Estate attorney expertise. Here is a short clip of his latest appearance: Please contact Schorr Law today for a free consultation on your real estate matter.  Schorr Law, APC, 310-954-1877,, by text at (323) 487- 7533. Zach SchorrMore Posts – Website Follow Me:

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Zachary Schorr Quoted in Media Regarding Collection Matters

The Freelancer recently interviewed attorney Zachary Schorr for an article designed to help freelancer writers help get paid by their publishers.   In the article, writer Geoff Williams, discusses proven strategies for collecting on writing for major publications.  Mr. Schorr provides advice in the form of being friendly and professional in collection matters in order to try to avoid having to file a lawsuit.  Of course, sometimes it takes an aggressive attorney to come in and force payment on collection matters.  That said, the strategy and the timing on being aggressive is very dependent on the factual situation at hand.  Sometimes ongoing relationship concerns or extraneous legal matters can make it necessary to hold off on collection or to take strategies to encourage payment in

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Business Innovators Magazine Interviews Zachary Schorr

  This past week Business Innovators Magazine interviewed Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney Zachary D. Schorr.  Zach Schorr’s interview can be heard at the link above. In the interview, Zach Schorr, touches on Schorr Law’s different areas of practice and his general approach to litigation which has proven to be effective over the 10.5+ years he has run Schorr Law and over his 14 year career as a real estate litigator.  Mr. Schorr discusses quiet title cases, adverse possession, clearing liens and how to resolve escrow disputes. For more information listen to the show, call us at 310-954-1877, or email us at Zach SchorrMore Posts – Website Follow Me:

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Real Estate Attorney Zachary Schorr – Quoted in US News and World Report This Week

Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney, Zachary D. Schorr, was quoted by US News and World Report this week for an articled titled “How to Avoid and Live with Neighbor Nightmares“.  In the article, US News and World Report quoted Mr. Schorr about ways to resolve neighbor disputes. At Schorr Law, Mr. Schorr does handle neighbor disputes from time to time.  Typically, the disputes Mr. Schorr deals with at Schorr Law involve high stakes boundary disputes and easement claims involving easements by necessity, prescription and equitable easements.  In fact, Schorr Law recently resolved a hotly contested prescriptive easement/equitable easement dispute in the Hollywood Hills involving a former celebrity owned and historic property. For more information on your real estate dispute, contact us today at 310-954-1877,

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Zachary Schorr Wins “Real Estate Litigation Attorney of the Year in California”

Schorr Law is pleased to announce that CorporateINTL has selected Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney – Zachary Schorr as the Real Estate Litigation Attorney of the Year in California.   This is quite an honor for Mr. Schorr and he continues to aggressively litigate real estate matters throughout California.   As background,  Corporate International publishes magazines and practice area guides around the world for business leaders and professionals, investors, and in-house counsel. Their publications are read  in over 150 countries. Corporate International awards business professionals who have shown exceptional service and expertise in their fields in the past year. They use a skilled independent research team to select 5 nominees in each category and then have an independent awards panel in each country pick

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Schorr Law Marks 10 Year Anniversary

Schorr Law is pleased to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this week. Schorr Law is a firm composed of 4 Los Angeles based real estate attorneys. Over the past 10 years, we have been fortunate to service the real estate needs of hundreds. A Few Highlights and Flashbacks From The Last 10 Years: – Zachary Schorr has been featured in over 29 different articles in the past 10 years ranging from the U.S. News and World Report to Time Magazine. He even made a special appearance in Dr. Phil and ABC’s Nightline. – Our firm has won many significant victories in the last 10 years such as a $25 million ownership dispute resolution, a $10 million estate financing negotiation deal, a $4.618 million fraud judgment,

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Attorney Zachary Schorr in Money Magazine

Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney Zachary Schorr was recently featured in an Ask the Expert article on for an article called “How To Sell Your House Without Paying an Agent’s Fee“.  The article appeared in Money Magazine and in the article Mr. Schorr discussed the benefits and drawbacks to selling your house without an agent. As an active real estate attorney in Los Angeles, Mr. Schorr frequently steps in when deals go bad.  Meaning he is often tasked with cleaning up deals that the parties to the real estate deals are no longer able to complete.  The deals often go bad because either the parties fail to use an agent or the agent they use does a poor job of representing the buyer’s or

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Zachary D. Schorr’s Expert Appearance on the Dr. Phil Show

Zachary D. Schorr’s Expert Appearance on ABC’s Nightline

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Zachary D. Schorr has been named to the Southern California Super Lawyers (Rising Stars) list for attorneys in Real Estate for 5 straight years - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Each year, no more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state receive this honor. In 2016 he was also included as one of the top 100 lawyers in Southern California in this category. The selection for this respected list is made by the research team at Super Lawyers.

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