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Effecting Transfer of Real Property – What Deed to Use?

There are many types of deeds that are used when transferring property or title. Below are four types of deeds that can be used to transfer title, each of them serving for different purposes: What is a Deed? A deed is a written instrument that conveys or transfers the title to real property. There are several types of deed a transferor can use to transfer title. Each type of deed has a distinct meaning and purpose relating to what the transferor is warranting when they are transferring the property. What is a Grant Deed? The “grant deed” is the document most commonly used to transfer title to real property in California. When a grantor executes a grant deed, he or she impliedly promises: (1) that before

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New Senate Bill Makes it Easier to Build “Granny Units”

In an effort to create more affordable housing, Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills that will expedite and allow granny units to be created in single-family and multi-family homes. Assemblyman Richard Bloom and Senator Bob Wieckowski, keeping in mind the housing affordability crisis in California, created the two bills. Senate Bill 1069, otherwise known as SB 1069 went into effect as of January 1, 2017. SB 1069 is meant to make it easier for homeowners to build “accessory dwelling units” (no longer called second units). Of course, with the approval of this new Senate Bill, come conditions that would need to be met. For a list of these provisions, please go to the California Legislative Information website. If anyone is planning to eventually lease/rent an

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5 Things to Know Before Buying a House in California

Buying a house is a complicated process, especially for a first time homebuyer. At Schorr Law, our real estate attorneys have seen their fair share of good deals (deals that close) and bad deals (deals that do not close).   Our lead attorney, Zachary Schorr, has assisted with the legal aspects of both routine and very complicated multimillion-dollar real estate purchases.   In fact, he has been involved with literally hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate in Southern California.   Here are some useful tips: A Pre-Approval From a Mortgage Broker Is Not the Same As Final Loan Approval. The first step that a savvy buyer will take before purchasing property is to obtain a pre-approval letter from a loan broker explaining that they are

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General Plans – The Most Important Document in Land Use and Development

Whether you are involved in the business real estate development or just looking to build a home in California, a City’s general plan is going to be of critical importance to your plans.  Pursuant to California Government Code section 65860, all California cities must set forth their development policies, objectives and standards in a general plan.  In other words, the general plan is a city’s basic planning document. It is the blueprint for any city’s development, and the California Supreme Court held the general plan to be “the constitution for all future development.” (Lesher Communications, Inc. v. City of Walnut Creek (1990) 52 Cal.3d 531, 540.) Simply stated, the general plan is the single most important planning document. Indeed other land use documents, such as zoning ordinances,

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Malibu – Measure R and Whole Foods

This past weekend there was an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times discussing measure R in Malibu and Malibu’s continued attempt to limit development.  Apparently, Whole Foods is trying to open a market in Malibu and many of the locals are trying to stop any such development.  This will be interesting to see how it plays out.  Our Real Estate Attorney have actually litigated cases in Malibu where the city of Malibu had tried to stop home development.  We will be watching the election to see how this turns out. Zach SchorrMore Posts – Website Follow Me:

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Licensed Contractors Should Not Ignore Permit Obligations

It probably comes as no surprise to the majority of contractors, that most homeowners want to save money when it comes to remodeling and/or building their homes.   Indeed, there are probably even some out there that may on occasion ask a contractor to do work without obtaining the necessary permits – all just to save money.  However, contractors need to be very wary of any such requests – particularly because the homeowner may not be the only one to face fines and liability if the non-compliant work is discovered or reported to the Department of Building and Safety. Contractors need to be aware that a contractor that knowingly installs work in violation of applicable building codes and laws is subject to disciplinary action by the Contractor’s State

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